If you are:

  • considering a family trip of a lifetime
  • overwhelmed by internet information overload
  • looking for an experienced Galapagos agent who can work with you to design your ideal vacation

Then take advantage of our nearly 20 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the islands, and let us help you assemble a trip most suited to your family's interests and needs.  

Who we are:

"Galapagos for Families" is a website operated by Cultural and Natural Heritage (CNH) Tours - a small Galapagos travel agency owned and operated by Heather Blenkiron and her husband, Marc Patry.  Heather and Marc left Canada just after getting married and headed to the Galapagos islands.  They spent four years working for the Darwin Research Station and the Galapagos Park Service.  They raised their first born there until he was nearly three.

You can contact Heather here:  hblenkiron@cnhtours.com

Why we are so special:

We're not afraid to claim that few, if any Galapagos agents are as well positioned as CNH Tours to help you with your family trip.  Here are some reasons:

1. Owner Operated:   CNH Tours is an owner operated agency - when you contact CNH Tours, it's Heather who will be receiving your email / phone call, not an employee. Literally, "the buck stops here".

2. Galapagos is our ONLY destination:  We are not distracted by other destinations - we dedicate all our attention and resources to the place you want to visit. 

3.  Our own family friendly ship database:  64 ships ply the Galapagos waters.  We manage a complete database of those rare ships ships with:

  • Triple cabins
  • Connecting cabins
  • Family, teen, pre-teen focused departures

4. Very strong local network:  We maintain an extensive network of critical Galapagos contacts, most of whom are good friends (senior personnel at the Park, Darwin Foundation, conservation NGOs, naturalist guides, ship owners).  We follow the pulse of the islands ensure you benefit from the latest news.

5. We raised children in Galapagos:  Heather's first child was born in Quito and raised in the islands until he was nearly three years old.  Heather has since taken her two children on a few cruises - she knows what it's about and understands the concerns you may have. 

6.  Third party recognition:   Heather was invited to become the TripAdvisor destination expert for Galapagos.   Master Card Gold Elite Concierge service has recommended CNH Tours to its clients.  Top Adventure Travel, an independent company, recognized CNH Tours as among the top 3 Galapagos travel experts.  The Canadian embassy in Ecuador, in recognition of Heather's good standing as a local resident, was asked to be the Canadian embassy representative in Galapagos while she lived there. 

7. CNH Tours is independent.  We are not beholden to a particular cruise ship company.  When considering options for your family trip, we start with all 64 ships that ply Galapagos waters, and narrow down options based on your interests only.